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10 Steps to a Perfect ECBYO Listing

Learn what it takes to make your listing a perfect 10 out of 10! Make it easy and convenient for your guests to say "yes" to choosing your property for their next vacation.


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The Emerald Coast By Owner family wants to make sure that every property owner and manager is able to list their property successfully and efficiently. We have a system inside the owner’s profile that guides owners and managers to complete their listing. We provide stats on each listing to show owners and managers what they have completed on that listing and what they have left to do to receive a perfect 100%.

  1. Property- Under your Property Tab, it is very important to fill out all of the spots that describe your listing, especially the property location. This is what the guests are going to look for when it comes to a quick description on whether or not this property will work for them.
  2. Description- Under your Description Tab is where you will go in depth about your property. Where it is located, how many floors it has or what floor it is on, the amenities it includes, how close it is to the beach, etc. It is important to make sure to fill out the special header, meta title and meta description as well. This is what the search engines will pick up when someone searches for a property on Google. We will fill this in for you if you leave it blank.
  3. Amenities- This is one of the easiest tabs for owners and managers to fill out. You simply go down each category and check off what objects apply to your property. This will let guests know if you have everything that they need/want and if they will need to bring something from their home.
  4. Activities- Like the amenities tab, this is also a very simple and quick part to take care of. You simply find the area that your property is in and then check off all of the activities that are around the area of your property. This lets guests know what restaurants and other activities are around where they will be staying for a quick resource.
  5. Photos- This tab is definitely one of the most important tabs to fill out completely, and it is one tab that may take some time in order to get it 100%. There is a 24 photo maximum. It is extremely important to upload 24 of the best photos you have of your property. We highly recommend getting professional photos of your property. This is what the guests will look at before they go any further down your listing. If you have low quality photos, guests will not waste their time and move on to the next property. The ECBYO team rates the quality of your photos on a scale of 10 and we happily will change the score you were first given to a 10 if we feel they are of professional quality. To receive full points on the photo tab, you must add caption to all 24 photos letting guests know what they are looking at.
  6. Calendar- Aside from the photo tab, this is one of the other most important details to properly fill out. After looking at your professionall photos, the guests will scroll down your listing to see if this property is available for their desired dates. They will be able to look as far ahead as you allow your calendar to go. There are 3 options for your calendar. One is a manual calendar where you as the owner will go in every time you receive a booking and block those dates off. Another one is the ical option. This is if you have your property on another listing site and want to use that calendar to update your ECBYO calendar. You simply copy and paste the original calendar link into the spot on your ECBYO listing and then your ECBYO calendar will automatically update every time your other listing calendar updates. The last option is if you are an ivacationonline member, you will then place your ivacationonline link into this spot.
  7. Rates- Just like your photos and calendar, this is another one of the most important tabs. You will be able to manually go in and set your desired rates. Let guests know if you allow nightly, weekly and/or monthly stays and how much those stays are. You will be able to set these up in different seasons as well. Guests will be able to see that your weeks in July may be more expensive than your weeks in October. Add your check in and check out times, your extra fees and any other notes you wish to inform your guests on about the finances and stays on your property.
  8. Location Map- Use this tab to show your guests where exactly your property is located. This can give them a really good idea of where they will be staying and what is going to be around them. Just enter your address to set up your map.
  9. Reviews- Under this tab it is required to have a minimum of 3 reviews. This will let guests see how other guests have felt when staying in your property in the past and what they should be expecting. You are more than welcome to copy and paste reviews over from another listing site.
  10. Statistics- The last tab to be checking on is your Statistics tab. This shows you what you have properly completed and what still needs to be done for you to receive a 100% on your listing.

ECBYO.COM Perfect Listing

These 10 pieces of information will guide you as an owner or manager to ensure that your listing is going to look its best when being advertised on We want to make sure both owners/managers and guests have a great experience when searching around on and you are a vital part to that success.

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