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3-24-20 Gulf Coast Status Update for COVID-19

An update from the Gulf Coast on the current local conditions.


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As the list of closures continue to rise and even grocery stores have drastically reduced their hours, it is hard to argue that travel to the Emerald Coast should be postponed unless necessary. If you are already here: please practice social distancing to mitigate viral transmission while remaining mindful of the stresses and challenges faced by those around you. Americans are traditionally at their best when it is time to pull together for the common good. Calling an elderly neighbor, sharing supplies with someone less fortunate and/or supporting local businesses are all ways to be proactive at a time when it is easy to feel helpless. By following the government guidelines, along with a healthy dose of good old common sense, everyone can return to the sunshine and gorgeous gulf beaches the Emerald Coast famously offers as quickly as possible.

ECBYO is confident everyone will find a way to navigate through this tragic yet temporary scenario. We will try to provide useful information and promising news whenever possible. Please let us know if our input could be of value or if you have anything to share that others may find helpful. Thank you.

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