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Fort Morgan, Alabama - Vacation Paradise

Be apart of this historic stretch of peninsula along the Emerald Coast that is known as Fort Morgan. You will be in awe at all of the history made here and the memories that are to come.


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Fort Morgan is located along the slim stretch of peninsula that sticks off of the mainland and into the sands of the Gulf Coast. This city that is apart of the Emerald Coast is known for being one of the most historic cities. When tourists make the hike to the top of the fort, they will not only see a spectacular view of the bay, but also where multiple naval battles took place at the time of two separate wars. Book your Alabama Vacation during the months of June and July and you will be able to experience a history program that is taken charge by tour guides in appropriate naval battle uniform while they explain Fort Morgan’s history from the very beginning in 1834 to WWII. Outside of the intriguing history that Fort Morgan takes pride in being apart of, there is plenty more to do and see while staying in your Alabama Vacation Rental.

The beaches that Fort Morgan offers guests are beaches where guests can go to escape. With the hustle and bustle of typical vacation life up and down the Emerald Coast, it is fairly quiet on this end of the peninsula where guests can come to escape that reality. Even though the beaches of Fort Morgan are not like the others, this part of Alabama still offer visiting guests the Emerald Coast vacation experience they came for. With go cart rentals being placed up and down the strip where guests can pick their newest ride for the rest of their vacation, to a waterpark known as Waterville USA that has all of the waterslides, lazy rivers and wave pools that the kids will love right down the road, Fort Morgan will keep guests wanting to see what else there is to do.

Fort Morgan, Alabama

Don’t forget to enjoy your nights out while on vacation and grab a bite to eat and some signature cocktails at the local restaurants that the locals and other tourists rave about. Tacky Jacks is a local restaurant with a tropical feel that all customers just love.  With amazing fresh seafood and a relaxing casual dining experience, guests will find themselves hanging there all night. Book your next Alabama Vacation Rental at Fort Morgan with Emerald Coast By Owner and start making some new memories the family will cherish forever.

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