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Know why the team at ECBYO is so serious about creating personal relationships. Between owners, managers and guests, we leave the doors wide open for all communication.


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Who looks forward to being put on hold, talking to an automated machine, or being connected to a call center when trying to book a vacation rental? It’s safe to assume that nobody does, and here at Emerald Coast By Owner we took that exact thought and applied it first thing when coming up with this regional vacation rental-listing site. One of the main reasons for coming up with a regional site rather than a national site is so that it is easy to become personal with our owners and guests, and for our owners and guests to become personal with one another. We are all about building relationships.

 When it comes to national vacation rental listing sites, they have a lot of hoops that guests and owners have to jump through just to make and/or confirm a booking. Going through a third party generally means guests and owners will not get the chance to communicate with one another throughout the booking process as well as when the guests are staying in the rental. So you may be asking, why does it matter if guests and owners have contact? And the answer is simple, because it’s easier, and who doesn’t like easy? With having direct contact between the owner and the guest, that benefits both parties. On the guest’s side, they are able to speak to the person who they will be paying, not the listing site where they found the rental. There seems to be two topics that people don’t like to give out, especially to people who they don’t know, and that is their money and contact information. With Emerald Coast By Owner, you pay the owner directly, in whatever forms the owner requests, and again, that is handled between the guest and the owner only. There will be no middleman handling your money and trying to transfer it from one account to another. As a guest, you control where your money is sent and this means that there are no hidden service fees that will be added on to your payment.  Guests, you also get to control who has your direct contact information. When finding a Vacation Rental on Emerald Coast By Owner, your contact information is not given out to a thrid party, except the owner that you are personally trying to contact when sending in your inquiry.  You give the owner your choice of contact info and you hear from them and them only, unless you provide it to others.

Who better to contact when you run into a problem when you arrive to your Vacation Rental than the owners themselves? With a national listing site, if you run into a problem that the owner needs to know about, it is more than likely that the owner may not even be notified about the issue until much later than you would like. With Emerald Coast By Owner being a regional vacation listing site, you have that owner’s contact information in your phone, and all it takes is a phone call or email to one person to solve the problem, and that one person being the owner that knows all about that home or condo along with the area that it is in.

Book Directly on ECBYO.COM

Trust is a quality that is used to describe a relationship, and that is what the team at Emerald Coast By Owner wants between our owners and guests, a relationship. With a trusting relationship, we also want to save you money and want you to trust us, which is why we do not charge and additional service fees when it comes to our regional site. Along with the owners that list their properties on our site, we are only one phone call or email away from answering any questions that you may have. Don’t hesitate to pick up your phone and give us a call today!

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