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Why Book Direct?

Take a look at 5 of the most valuable reasons as to why booking direct can save you HUNDREDS of dollars!


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ECBYO.COM is well known for the "book direct" way of booking and paying for your vacation rental, but some guests and owners may not know exactly why booking direct can be so helpful, convenient and cost-effective in this day and age. Well here are 5 of the major reasons as to why booking direct may just save you time and money on your next vacation:  

1. When it comes to the larger OTA's, such as VRBO, Airbnb, Homeaway, etc. they are not only charging the guests a big % for using their website on top of the rental rate, BUT they are also charging the owners and managers a HUGE % of their rental business, on top of their listing fee. On the cost-effective side of things, with ECBYO.COM being a "book direct" listing website, that means that the guests are NOT charged an additional service fee for booking through our site. This also means that our owners and managers who list with us are only paying a yearly fee to list.

2. When booking directly on ECBYO.COM, this means that the guests will ALWAYS be in direct contact with the owner or manager of that property. They will not be sent through a third party at any point. From contacting the owner or manager about the inquiry, all the way to any questions while the guest is staying in the property during their vacation will be dealt with directly with that owner or manager! When listing and booking through a larger OTA site, the guest is NEVER in contact with the owner or manager of the property.

3. When looking at a larger OTA site for your vacation rental, you aren't even going to be given some of the best available properties. WHY?! This is due to the major owners and managers being fed up with the way that the OTA's are trying to take over their rental business and overcharge their guests! They have abandoned all of those sites and have started putting their time and effort into the "book direct" sites such as ECBYO.COM to ensure they are fully in charge of their rental business and to make sure that their guests are receiving the best possible rates! 

4. When booking directly with the owner and manager, not only are you in constant contact with them throughout the whole process, but you are now speaking directly with the person who knows the area of the vacation rental best! Any answer that you might need in regards on what to do, where to go and any vacation advice in that area is right at your fingertips! 

5. Booking and speaking directly with the owner/manager of the property will also ensure that you are being financially protected. Finding and booking the perfect vacation can already be a somewhat stressful process, booking direct can ease a lot of that tension when you know EXACTLY who you are booking with and who you are paying.  Booking direct saves you money, time and gives you a huge sense of security knowing that you are in the best hands possible during the vacation booking process.

Find your favorite property in the perfect area, speak with the owner or manager of that specific property directly any time that you wish, and ask them any personal questions regarding the property or area that you see fit. Emerald Coast By Owner is a proud "book direct" listing site, and we stand by everything that is right in the vacation world!

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